[GRASS5] Named attribute support in GRASS

Carl Worth cworth at east.isi.edu
Thu Feb 7 16:22:39 EST 2002

On Feb 7, Helena wrote:
 > > It seems like it would be quite nice if, instead of doing something
 > > like:
 > >         d.site.labels index=2
 > > I could do:
 > >         d.site.labels label=name
 > > where "name" is the column name for a string attribute.
 > this would be nice, the problem is that many site files do not have headers and
 > therefore
 > there are no labels. But it would be a nice option in addition to index.

It would not be hard to force all new sites files generated by GRASS
to have the header. It could auto-assign header labels, "cop01",
"cop02", ... if the user did not provide any. Of course, GRASS should
always maintain the ability to read sites files without the headers.


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