[GRASS5] Map Layout in Grass

zhang ji zsfunl at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 18:07:29 EST 2002


I am using Grass5.0 to generat some maps. Then I will
transform these maps info Postscript. Now I encounter
the following problems:
1. The layout of our maps aren't satisfying. What kind
of tools do you use to generate a map?
2. When I use ps.map to generate a map, something
wrong with the layout. I can't insert text in the map.
And I don't know how to insert a barscale, title and
something like that.
3. I want to use Mapgen in Grass. But the Mapgen I
can find through the web is binary for Sun Solaris.
And our server is IRIX.

Thanks in advance.

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