[GRASS5] Problems with vector import, and a suggestion

Michel Wurtz mw at teledetection.fr
Wed Feb 13 06:18:24 EST 2002

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Markus Neteler wrote:
> > ... a v.in.ogr comes to my mind. Perhaps efforts can be bundled
> > to extend OGR with E00, DXF and Ungenerate and build v.in.ogr
> > on top of that (I like the r.in.gdal very much).
> >
> > Just an obvious suggestion,
> Markus, et al,
> I am definately planning a v.in.ogr (or perhaps even call it v.import?)
> for GRASS 5.1 once David's work on "whole polygon" to GRASS topology is
> settled in and ported to the GRASS 5.1 vector architecture.  This would
> hopefully provide some consolidation to the vector import process in a
> manner similar to what r.in.gdal attempts for rasters.
> I would add that E00 (+arc binary coveragE) will be added in coming weeks;
> however m.in.e00 may still be better since it doesn't have to go through
> the intermediate "simple features" geometry (ie. whole polygons).

I never was particulary convinced by "intermediate vector formats" and prefer
simple import/export modules, since grass vector api is not very complicated.
Maybe a tcltk user interface can analyse the extension and launch the right
function, after proposing an oriented choice of options...
Moreover, the topology in e00 is close to the one of grass.  This is not true
for shapefile or mif/mid files, but maybe a good  topology building library
may be more usefull than to deal with another vector format (even if only
intermediate), and can be used for every spagghetti files you get (DXF, etc)

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