[GRASS5] cp -L Problems with grass 5.1 Makefiles under Linux

Radim Blazek radim.blazek at wo.cz
Wed Feb 13 19:39:37 EST 2002

On Wednesday 13 February 2002 01:25, Tom Rake wrote:

>Today I tried to compile grass51 from cvs. I am using a Debian i386 box.  
>I needed to change lib/ogsf/Makefile and visualization/nviz/Makefile to 
> complete the compile. In all cases the problem was a cp with the -L which 
> my gnu cp doesn't like. After removing the -L options I did a make 
> distclean and the compile went to completion. I didn't check to see if my 
> cp was current I believe it was Debian potato (current stable) Tom RakeDuff 
> Map Company.

Thanks. I have removed that '-L'.


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