[GRASS5] [bug #920] (grass) d.vect.line does not draw lines

M Lennert fa1079 at qmul.ac.uk
Sun Feb 17 08:06:48 EST 2002


This does sound pretty complicated and I'm not sure it is really necessary to put all in one module. From my experience most of the time one would either be displaying and area file in which boundaries are 
normally all the same color or a line file with different colors for different lines. So separating the two might be easier.

But if you we go for one unified d.vect:

> $ d.vect help
>   Draws vector maps
> Usage: 
>   d.vect -aflv map=name [color=name] [fillcolor=name] [catnum=value[,value,...]]

couldn't you rather do the following (since I find the combination of -aflv plus different color options a bit confusing):

  d.vect map=name [color=name] [fillcolor=name] [acatnum=value[,value,...]] [lcatnum=value[,value,...]] [alegend=filename] [llegend=filename]


if "fillcolor" then
  if "acatnum" then
  fill acatnum areas with fillcolor
  fill areas with fillcolor
  end if
end if

if "linecolor" then
  if "lcatnum" then
  draw lcatnum lines with linecolor
  draw all labelled lines with linecolor
  end if
end if

if "color" then
  draw all lines (area boundary or not) with color
end if

alegend = legend for areas
llegend = legend for labelled lines

It would be interesting to be able to give an alegend file but still give a "color" option to define the boundary lines color.

default, i.e. 'd.vect mapname' :  no fillcolor and white line color for all lines

Just for information: the drawing of the boundaries with d.vect.area is much slower than when done through d.vect. Any idea why ?


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