[GRASS5] GRASS internationalization

Alex Shevlakov alex at asrv.fcpf.ru
Tue Feb 26 09:49:10 EST 2002


to begin with i18n using gettext, there are several proposals:

1. Create a new src/locale directory to keep the locale .po and .mo
files, which would be installed in $prefix/grass5 unchanged by 'make install'
We need to keep the .po files inside the grass dist directory to remove them
with rm -rf /usr/local/grass5 (which is brute).

2. Checks for gettext must be added to configure.in, and new include file
'glocale.h' should be  something like:

#ifdef __gettext__
#include <libintl.h>
#define _(str) gettext(str)
#define _(str) str

3. Gmakefiles would have something like:

PACKAGE = "g.select.pg"

(INST_DIR has to be added to 'head.in' for this).

4. Each module would be rewritten with gettext independently.

I just tested this sceme (and commited 2 modules for those who want to test ).


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