[GRASS5] How to change a colortable in fp maps?... and another d.colors issue

Gualter Barbas Baptista gualter at netcabo.pt
Tue Feb 26 22:31:15 EST 2002

I just figured out that there is no support for fp in d.colors too. Is 
there any way to do this (except  multiplying and converting to int)?

Another thing with d.colors: I didn't figure how to change the colors 
for negative numbers. It only asks me for the maximum category, so, for 
example, if I have values ranging from -10 to 10 (as I had in a NDVI), I 
can only change the colors for the categories ranging from 0 to 10. I 
wanted to give the values ranging from -10 to -1 the color blue (water).

Any solution to this?



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