[GRASS5] [bug #921] (grass) tcltkgrass3.2 dted extraction west input error

Markus Neteler via RT grass-bugs at intevation.de
Thu Feb 28 05:22:05 EST 2002


I am not familiar with DTED but try to follow the problem.

The tcltkgrass line is something like this:
 m.dem.extract input=dted output=out blocksize=22 start=1 end=1999


And the help tells me:
m.dem.extract help
m.dem.extract input=name [output=name] [blocksize=value] [start=value]
      input   Input device or file
     output   Output raster map (examine only if none specified)
  blocksize   Blocksize of tape data
              default: 10240
      start   First file to look at
              default: 1
        end   Last file to look at
              default: 9999999

Now I cannot see anything with West here. Is it a module internal problem?
(I have currently no DTED data)


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