[GRASS5] GLib?

Christoph Simon ciccio at kiosknet.com.br
Thu Jun 6 11:40:42 EDT 2002

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002 16:51:29 +0200
Radim Blazek <blazek at itc.it> wrote:

> (Was "Want GNU libavl ?" 6 monts ago
> http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2002-January/001704.html )
> > > > The latest GLib is probably the closest I can think of.  It has
> > > > hashes, trees, sets, etc...  The reason I went with libavl, is it
> > > > is purportedly better optimised for the balanced trees, and it's
> > > > simple to include the files you need (two in my case).
> > > 
> > > I see... but GLib is at the core of the GNOME programming
> > > environment... is it possible to extract only the more general part
> > > without having to carry also GNOME dependacies?
> > > 
> > GLIB can be used alone.  It is why they made it a separate lib.  
> > -- 
> > Robert Lagacé, professeur
> Can we start to use GLib in grass51?
> If yes, how? As is or should we write some wrappers in Grass?
> If wrappers, then is anybody here who can do that, I don't
> have neither capacity nor knowledges.

I don't think that you would need a wrapper; at most for some funny
basic type definitions, which Grass most probably already has in a
different form. But IIRC there is also memory management in glib which
might conflict with grass' calls. Personally, I tried to use it about
a year ago, but didn't like it very much (don't recall why). The fact
is, that I wrote a library for list management of my own. It's much
less complete and has no support for (balanced) trees, but seems to
work well for me.

I don't know libavl.

Christoph Simon
ciccio at kiosknet.com.br

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