[GRASS5] m.in.e00 updated and some questions

Michel Wurtz mw at teledetection.fr
Tue Jun 18 03:55:38 EDT 2002

I have corrected a bug in m.in.e00 that prevented the line
attributes to be correctly placed, and produced lot of errors
when running v.support.  This should now be correct.
I've modified release_branch and main trunk.

One problem remains : if there is a line with a dead end,
the area in which it is cannot be labelled (BAD in the
exemple bellow).

 |    |     |       |
 | +  +     |  + OK |
 | BAD      |       |

Should I add a flag to indicate if you want a line or an area
result ? This can be done with the "type=..." parameter and can
lead to a better interpretation of e00 input :

line => no area attributes, only line attributes (actually not
        working : adding area attributes erases line attributes)
area => suppression of lines with the same left and right area
        (so v.support will work better), only area attributes

PS: don't expect a reply before the end of the week, I will
not be at my office before friday.
Michel WURTZ - DIG - Maison de la télédétection
               500, rue J.F. Breton
               34093 MONTPELLIER Cedex 5

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