[GRASS5] fink'ing grass on darwin/osx - $env(TCLTKGRASSBASE) error

Glynn Clements glynn.clements at virgin.net
Thu Jun 27 18:00:30 EDT 2002

andy agena wrote:

> Compilation error in module: src/libes/vect32/georef (ignored)
> Compilation error in module: src/raster/r.in.gdal (ignored)
> Compilation error in module: src/raster/r.sun (ignored)
> Compilation error in module: src.contrib/GMSL/g3d/src3d/sites/s.vol.rst (ignored)

Can you send us the corresponding error messages?

> however, when i try to fire up tcltkgrass&, i get an error that 
> $env(TCLTKGRASSBASE) isn't set, so i check my ~/.grassrc5 and its not 
> there.  what is this env variable looking for?  can i just point it to 
> the appropriate place via my ~/.grassrc5 file?  i already tried the 
> old ' source /etc/csh.cshrc /etc/csh.login ' and it didn't work.

This seems to be a common problem for MacOS X users, but I have no
idea why. So far, I've been willing to attribute it to a problem in
the packaged version which they all seemed to be using. However, in
light of your report of building pre5 from source, that no longer

The actual "tcltkgrass" script should look like this:

	# the next line restarts using wish \
	exec $GRASS_WISH "$0" "$@"
	if ![info exists env(GISBASE)] {
	    puts stderr {
	The TCLTKGRASS shell must be run (in the background) from the GRASS shell.
	    exit 1
	set env(GISDBASE) [exec g.gisenv get=GISDBASE]
	set env(LOCATION_NAME) [exec g.gisenv get=LOCATION_NAME]
	set env(MAPSET) [exec g.gisenv get=MAPSET]
	set env(TCLTKGRASSBASE) $env(GISBASE)/tcltkgrass
	append regexp .* $env(GISBASE) {[^:]*}
	regsub -- $regexp $env(PATH) "&:$env(TCLTKGRASSBASE)/script" env(PATH)
	source $env(TCLTKGRASSBASE)/main/gui.tcl
	source $env(TCLTKGRASSBASE)/main/menu.tcl

It explicitly sets TCLTKGRASSBASE very early on, so I have absolutely
no idea how this error can occur.

What makes it even more puzzling is that the reported error refers to
the last line (source .../menu.tcl), which implies that the previous
line (source .../gui.tcl) worked fine.

Any help which you can provide in tracking this down would be

Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net>

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