[GRASS5] new grassdoc cvs module

Moritz Lennert lennert.moritz at edpnet.be
Thu Jun 27 18:39:44 EDT 2002

Hi all,

This is to announce two events in the process of more serious documentation writing:

1) There is now a grass_doc mailing list.

To subscribe send an empty mail to 

grass-doc-subscribe at it-zone.org

To send messages to the list, send them to:

grass-doc at it-zone.org

2) I just imported the new grass_doc module into the intevation cvs server. It is still work in (very early stages of) progress, so those who would like to work in it should contact me first.

Just do cvs checkout grass_doc to get it. It is quite big since there are some figures in the grassbook and in the tutorial. However, it should only be necessary to download these once.

I hope that we can now seriously start working on documentation.

The first tasks are:

- cleaning up and filling in the tutorial
- weeding through the grassbook in order to identify the reusable parts, translating them to docbook/xml and integrating them into the tutorial
- reading old documentation in order to select what is still usable and what needs to be archived

If anyone is interested in joining the effort, meet us on the list.

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