[GRASS5] Re: r.terraflow

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon Nov 25 14:48:45 EST 2002

Hi Laura,
dear developers,

developers: Laura asked me to forward her mail.
Please cc her answer also to her!


On Wed, Nov 20, 2002 at 04:36:28PM -0500, Laura I. Toma wrote:
> Hi Markus,
> Helena told me I should talk to you about submitting r.terraflow. I went
> through the submission instructions. Below are some points where I
> had troubles or could not conform to the suggestions:
> - a big part of the code is in C++ and uses templates. converting it to C
> is a long tedious job, so I hope it is acceptable as is..
> - cannot use GRASS malloc functions, because r.terraflow has its own
> memory manager. basically it overloads new and delete to keep track of how
> much memory is in use.
> - r.terraflow uses a library libiostream.a  that resides in the IOSTREAM
> directory inside r.terraflow. This library contains the memory
> manager and the basic I/O-efficient stream routines, like sorting,
> priority queues and so on.  This library has to be built
> separately, before calling gmake5 (I did not know how to handle
> this inside Gmakefile).
> [laura at duckabush r.terraflow]$ cd IOStream/lib/src/
> [laura at duckabush src]$ gmake
> /bin/sh -ec 'g++ -Wall -M -I../../include -g mm_utils.C | sed '\''s/mm_utils.o/& mm_utils.d/g'\'' > mm_utils.d'
> /bin/sh -ec 'g++ -Wall -M -I../../include -g mm.C | sed '\''s/mm.o/& mm.d/g'\'' > mm.d'
> g++ -Wall  -I../../include -g  -c -o mm.o mm.C
> ar rv libiostream.a mm.o
> a - mm.o
> g++ -Wall  -I../../include -g  -c -o mm_utils.o mm_utils.C
> ar rv libiostream.a mm_utils.o
> a - mm_utils.o
> [laura at duckabush src]$ cd ..
> [laura at duckabush lib]$ gmake
> cp src/libiostream.a libiostream.a
> ranlib libiostream.a
> [laura at duckabush lib]$ cd ../..
> - r.terraflow has to be compiled either with  -DELEV_SHORT, or with
> -DELEV_FLOAT. In the first case, PGM=r.terraflow; in the latter,
> PGM=r.terraflow.float. Right now the Gmakefile builds by default
> r.terraflow. If you want to build r.terraflow.float you have to
> modify the Gmakefile. I guess i should be able to build both r.terraflow
> and r.terraflow.float with the same Gmakefile, I just dont know how.
> You can download the package from
> http://www.cs.duke.edu/~laura/TALKS/r.terraflow.tar.gz
> Please take a look and tell me if you have any suggestions.
> thanks,
> -Laura

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