[GRASS5] Re: More NVIZ updates

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Wed Nov 27 10:13:28 EST 2002


(cc to nviz, grass5)

On Fri, Nov 22, 2002 at 09:28:51AM -0400, Bob Covill wrote:
> Markus,
> I have gotten around to a few more updates to NVIZ that I thought I
> would pass along  for testing / checking.
> I have included the accelerated surface drawing routines (gsd_surf.c)
> for you to try out. I do not think it is quite right, but some more
> testing would be good. The routine is now embedded in both floating
> point and integer based maps. When testing you need to look for pieces
> of the map that are not getting drawn. This will occur at the edges of
> the map.

It looks pretty good and quite fast if you zoom into a map portion.
Up to now I haven't seen any undrawn areas.

> I have updated another piece of the key frame mask. The field of view
> (FOV) and twist variables are now saved and read from the key frame
> animator. In other words you can chenge these parameters from key frame
> to key frame. The only remaining piece of the key mask that is not read
> and written is the cutting plane info.

The twist ruler is nice and helpful!
The key frame someone with experience should test (I can bounce the
mail from Bob to you, dear tester, then).
> Because I added the twist support to the Key Mask I thought it would be
> helpful to add an interface for twist. There is now a slider underneath
> perspective for adjusting twist. This is a simple adjustment from -180
> to +180. The display panel seems to be getting a little crowded. Any
> suggestions for an improved position interface? I was also thinking that
> a 3D view style panel might be helpful. Here the user could manually (or
> from display) set view paramters (like open 3D view) for a specific
> view. Most of the commands are already there to implement this.

Well what do the others think? Helena, Jaro?
> I have also attached the program (d.nviz) I mentioned a while back for
> interactively creating a fly-though script for nviz. I have cleaned it
> up a little bit. If you think it has potential I can throw together a
> man page for it. 

I tried to use it, it is writing a script file (the stdout does not work,
though. It generates a file '-' only instead of writing to stdout).
Further volunteers to test the nice NVIZ improvements?


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