[GRASS5] trouble copiling 5.1

Alex Shevlakov sixote at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 30 06:28:31 EST 2002

--- Glynn Clements <glynn.clements at virgin.net> wrote:

> Basically, the way in which NVIZ' Postgres support
> is handled is
> something of a hack, and needs to be cleaned up.

On CVS head:

VARHDRSZ if defined directly (not from postgres-fe.h);

I've finished removing "dirty-style" programming code
grass.postgresql which I rudely introduced there. Now
all 13
modules a) are uniform with QRY_LENGTH defined in
file instead of (1024) everywhere in code b)
PQclear added everywhere in error checks c) renamed
confusing -Infx- names to -Pg- d) removed unused
variables/header files. e)removed bogus static
definitions for SQL command buffers + identing and
minor changes. I also removed (or not? at least I
tried to!) confusing v.in.shape.pg_alex&david dirs (we
don't want them?), the same about oldman.
I commented out v.in.arc.pg in modules Gmakefile. (?)

I updated the manual "First steps" and Readme, too.

I will update the CVS on Pogtgres NVIZ support some
time later to get rid of the older hack.


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