[GRASS5] installing Grass

Mike Thomas mthomas at gil.com.au
Sat Apr 5 18:09:04 EST 2003

Hi there.

I don't know whether anyone has ever tried running on Grass on Windows95.
Grass certainly isn't supported on W95.

Windows 98 used to work but I haven't tried it for at least a year, and you
will be much better off with Win 2000 (best, Linux) if you can get either of
those OS.

My suggestion, if you still want to try on W95 is to go to:


have a read, and follow the instructions.


Mike Thomas

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> I'm using a system running on Windows 95 as OS.
> How do I install the grass software in my system? Can any person help me
> Best regards,
> Mridu Pawan
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