[GRASS5] Re: r.sun improvements

H Bowman hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 10 07:28:21 EDT 2003

> > However, there is another problem with memory associated with proj
> > library. If you have latitude defined via region settings (i.e. you
> > don't define lat and latin options) then memory usage is
> > unbelievably high. I guess it is some memory allocation/freeing
> > problem in  proj library.
> I didn't realise r.sun calls the proj functions so often. Maybe it
> needs to free the memory used for the key/value pairs read from the
> PROJ_INFO file. Does the patch below help?
> +                G_free_key_value( in_proj_info );
> +                G_free_key_value( in_unit_info );
> +                G_free_key_value( out_proj_info );
> +                G_free_key_value( out_unit_info );

Brilliant! Memory usage is now 2.5 times less than it was. It still
grows into the hundreds of megabytes as it runs which makes me suspect
there are about 2-3 more of them in there to find.

Some numbers:
517x416 cells (100m res)
w/o patch:  grew to 300mb RAM
with patch: grew to 117mb
with lat=c: steady  6mb
time to run on a 1.6gHzP4: 1min 2sec w/o patch

1034x832 cells (50m res)
w/o patch:  I killed it at 940mb 69% complete when it went to swap
with patch: grew to 485mb
with lat=c: steady 21mb
time to run: 4min 6 sec w/o, 3min 36 sec lat=c

while we're at it, s.out.ascii's memory use is pretty terrible, and
grows out of control as well. The program is only a few lines long, so
maybe someone who knows the libraries better than I could spot it.. I
just had it die only a little bit into a 3million point site file,
before I remembered I could just use the wonders of vi to "%s/|/\t/g" ..
I tried swapping fprintf(stdout, to a file but the memory problem
persisted, for whatever that's worth.

Good show,

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