[GRASS5] ps.map: colortable control of categorical vs continuous

John Harrop johnh at sjgeophysics.com
Thu Apr 17 21:12:04 EDT 2003

We are finding that with floating point tables we would like to use a 
mixture of categorical and continuous colortables.  The current 5.0 code 
picks one or the other based on raster map type, although it seems that 
the categorical table processing is quite happy with floats as well as 

Perhaps it would be better to base the choice on two tests.

1) If the number of categories is > 0 (for int or float raster) then use 
the categorical style by default.

2) Add an over-ride parameter to the colortable block that would force a 
continuous style colortable even if categories are defined.


John Harrop

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