[GRASS5] Projection programs

Bob Covill bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
Mon Feb 3 09:09:32 EST 2003


I have latest CVS GRASS and have found a couple of projection programs
are not quite working. I discovered the problem when using m.ll2db which
converts to and from GRASS database and Lat. Long. coordinates. When I
run the program I get the following error ...
cannot initialize pj
cause: major axis or radius = 0 or not given

The problem is with how the "ll" projection is initialized, namely ...
parms_in[0] = '\0';
pj_get_string(&info_in, parms_in);

If I change this to a better qualified initialization such as ...

sprintf(ll_buf, "+proj=ll +ellsp=wgs84"); /* +datum also works with
current setting */
pj_get_string(&info_in, ll_buf);

it works fine. This problem has implications with other programs such as
m.proj(2), and v.in.gshhs. There may be others with this type of

You seem to be a few steps ahead on the PROJ stuff. Should the code be
fixed (m.proj seems to be on the chopping block) or do you have other

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