[GRASS5] Projection programs

Paul Kelly paul-grass at stjohnspoint.co.uk
Mon Feb 3 17:05:05 EST 2003

Hello again Bob
Thanks for all the testing

On Mon, 3 Feb 2003, Bob Covill wrote:

> Paul,
> I tried the patch listed below, and it does the trick. The other two
> places I know where the projection is initialized this way are in
> m.proj(2), and v.in.gshhs. It may occur in other places as well.

Yes, see http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2003-January/004562.html for
a longer list. I've committed a fix similar to the patch we discussed to
all those modules.

I suppose it is good practice to always specify an ellipsoid as
well as the projection type anyway; it doesn't really make sense
otherwise. Two GRASS modules already did this, v.mkquads
(src/mapdev/v.mkquads/convert.c) and i.points3
(src/libes/image3/convert_ll.c), so that was very far-sighted of their
authors :-).

I would be grateful if somebody familiar with malloc and free etc. could
have a quick look at the changes I made to v.mkquads and i.points3 (the
two files mentioned above) just to check my implementation.

I also fixed m.proj2 interactive mode. It wouldn't let the user enter an
ellipsoid if the projection was lat/long, which was definitely a bug. It
still doesn't ask for a datum in interactive mode, but I have changed the
man page to mention that.

v.in.tig.lndmk and v.build.polylines don't seem to use any of the proj
wrapper functions, so maybe their dependency on libproj is wrong. They
probably need their projection code checked anyway....


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