[GRASS5] quickstart guide for newbies

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Fri Feb 7 07:17:50 EST 2003

> Hi Moritz,
>> Hi everyone,
>> I'm working on the GRASS tutorial
>> (http://tutorial.grass.it-zone.org/index.html) and I just finished a
>> first
>> draft of a chapter for newbies telling them how to get GRASS going very
>> quickly (and maybe a bit roughly ;-)).
> I think this chapter is an excellent, brief and simple starting page for
> beginner with lots of necessary information making first steps in GRASS.
>> Could some of you skim through what
>> I wrote at http://tutorial.grass.it-zone.org/tenminutes.html, just to
>> chack that I didn't lead them to far astray. This chapter is a response
>> to
>> the thread on this list concerning the steep entry learning curve of
>> newcomers: http://grass.itc.it/pipermail/grass5/2002-May/002923.html.
> some ideas I would change or add (maybe not necessary at all):
> 1) I would describe the use of tcltk in some parts, maybe simply as a
> link to your "Graphical User Interface" chapter, or as a small hint or
> advice.
> e.g.:  in "You have a GRASS database" after point 4., because it isn't
> mentioned in "the chapter called The Most Important Commands to Get
> Started",
> too.
> -> something like: you can start a GUI with tcltkgrass& or ...
> and you can start grass using -text or -tcltk ...
> especially for the many newbies used to Windows (click, click)
> 2) the gdal part in "You have a georeferenced raster file, but don't
> know its geographical coordinates" was a little confusing to me.
> -> 11. The part where you explain "NewLocation". I first thought you
> mean
> the temporary Location created in the beginning. Maybe it would become
> clearer
> to add a link pointing at:
> http://grass.itc.it/gdp/html_grass5/html/r.in.gdal.html.
> -> 12. If all goes well ...leave GRASS and restart GRASS.
> "why" -> maybe there is missing that once you have started a
> GRASS session you cannot switch between Locations ...
> 3) In "You have a non-georeferenced data file" I would switch subsection
> 3
> "If you have a ..." with 4 "Since your map", bacause that is the way I
> would
> proceed ...
> - import in XY Location and then georeferencing with the help of your
> link
> "Processing Scanned Maps."
> These are just some subjective impressions, so maybe I am wrong and
> a beginner wouldn't care about it at all ...

I think they all make sense, so I just applied them.

>  thanks for your great work

Thank you for your feedback !


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