[GRASS5] 5.1: map/table name restrictions due to SQL

John A. Preston jpreston at uwimona.edu.jm
Tue Feb 18 08:40:08 EST 2003

> On Monday 17 February 2003 11:25 pm, John A. Preston wrote:
> > > > Question is if we want to restrict the map names completely for
> > > > GRASS to the SQL rules or find a better workaround...
> >
> > I have gotton around this problem in programming URL's by
> > translating the forbidden characters to a sequence of
> > allowed characters, and translating the sequence back where necessary.
> > Thus the user would be allowed to user wdbtemp4.area but if that had to
> > be used as a table name it might be wdbtemp4#-#areas.
> >
> > What would be necessary is a pair of routines that encode/decode
> > the table names taking care of any forbidden characters.
> Yes, that could be possible solution, but then you get different name 
> for table and vector. Problem is that to access data outside GRASS
> (OOffice, pgaccess,...), user must have encode/decode routines in his head,
> which doesn't seem to be user friendly enough.
Yes, that's true. But you could (hopefully) provide some simple macros or SQL functions
that do the encoding/decoding for external access. Or maybe a simple
GRASS SQL table import/export function.

I think it is necessary to have all the possibilities available for table names.

John Preston <jpreston at uwimona.edu.jm>

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