[GRASS5] [bug #1682] (grass) why r.watershed don't show the result on Monitor?

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Subject: why r.watershed don't show the result on Monitor?

hello, everyone
I'm a beginner of GRASS.
I tried to use r.watershed threshold=1000 elevation=e060n90 basin=basin
to get a watershed map.
and it works follow this precess:
  SECTION 1a(of 5): Initiating Memory.
  SECTION 1b(of 5): Determining Offmap Flow. Percent Comlete:
  SECTION 2: A*Search.                       Percent Comlete:
  SECTION 3: Accumulating Surface Flow.      Percent Comlete:
  SECTION 4: Watershed determination.
  SECTION 5: Closing Maps.
The problem is Monitor:x0 did't show the result.
Please, tell me what can I do for showing this watershed maps?

  Any help appreciated.
 mail: s01k154 at shako.sk.tsukuba.ac.jp

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