[GRASS5] Re: nviz testing

Helena hmitaso at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Feb 27 19:48:03 EST 2003


thank you for all the nviz updates - I finally got around to test
it all myself and it all looks great and I suggest to include it
into GRASS5.0.2

I did not have a chance to test thoroughly the load/save 3d view option
although it seems to work OK (except for the GUI update) - maybe
somebody who uses 3dview could test it further.
The  animations could be tested more too but we will be doing that
within next week or so. The tilt, accelerated rendering and the
setting of center via canvas work great.

I found 2 cases when nviz crashes (all old that have been there
from the very beginning):

1. If the user draws a cutting plane through multiple surfaces
with color from top or bottom surfaces and at least one of the surfaces
has different resolution than the other ones, nviz crahses. This is
already in bug tracker.

2. If the user tries to drape a vector layer that is outside the current
region it gets pretty nasty with tons of messages like this
dv = 38022496.000000, dh = 38022496.000000, dd = nan
stuck on 0
cv = 0, ch = 0, cd = 0
untill it crashes. I will file a bug report, unless somebody has
already tried to fix it (it should just give an error message)

There are 3 other unpleasant behaviors that seem to depend on what
kind of graphics card you use:

- vectors not draping properly on some machines
ccvectdrape.jpg and ccvectdrapenv.jpg

- multiple surface overlay changes with distance
overlayclose.jpg and overlayfar.jpg (these are the same surfaces,
I only zoomed-out)

- clip works differently on dif. machines - farther views are
still heavily clipped on some machines, but there are no problems on

I will investigate here more - I have 5 different graphics 
cards to try it on so I should be able to tell where it works 
and where it does not, although I am not sure whether anything
can be done about it.

thank you once more (the handy help button is great too - we can help
with tutorial updates if you want and I definitely need to update the


Bob Covill wrote:
> Markus,
> I have attached the updated NVIZ files for you to look at. I just
> grabbed the files that CVS was telling me had changed.
> This should have the white background at startup, plus other changes
> previously mentioned.
> I have enabled the 3D-View stuff (no compile flag). It seems to be
> working. I am sure there will be some issues with it. One of the biggest
> problems is that there is currently no way to update the GUI to match
> the loaded 3D view. The "load state" option does this but it is
> resrictive to that file format. On my ToDo list is write a function that
> sets the GUI from the current scene.
> I have added another Help option to the GUI. I converted the TODO / BUGS
> file to HTML and moved it into the html directory. There is now a link
> to this from the GUI. The idea is that we can update Helena's list
> sometime, and give users a good idea of what is and what is not working.
> In doing this I noticed that alot of the HTML in the existing tutorial
> needs a lot of cleaning. Add to the ToDo is update manual and tutorial.
> Let me know if you have any questions.
> --
> Bob Covill
> Tekmap Consulting
> P.O. Box 2016
> Fall River, N.S.
> B2T 1K6
> Canada
> E-Mail: bcovill at tekmap.ns.ca
> Phone: 902-860-1496
> Fax: 902-860-1498
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>                       Encoding: base64
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