[GRASS5] linking grass5.0 modules

Ivan Marchesini marchesini at unipg.it
Tue Jan 7 04:45:44 EST 2003

Hy to all...
I succesfully installed grass 5.1 on my pc...... (I hope...  :-)
Now I have two problem:

at the moment I start it, (dist/ARCH/bin/grass51) the program start without 
asking anyting about location and mapset..... It's normal???
When, after, I use d.rast I see that I'm on a location that I created with 
grass 5.0, but I don't know why grass51 chose this one and not another one.
why this appen???

another problem
I tried to link the file /usr/lib/grass5/etc/bin/cmd/d.what.rast
 inside the directory

and the file /usr/lib/grass5/bin/d.what.rast 
inside the directory

but when I try to use it, after opening x0 monitor, I obtain this:

 Left:  what's here
 Right: quit

1671371.875(E) 4833629.79166667(N)
regione in curvelivello, quant   (221)
regione in curvelivello, actual  (222.339706)
Monitor <x0>: Premature EOF
ERROR eof from graphics driver.

The program stop and I'm not able to continue the analysis...

can someone help me???
thank you

Ivan Marchesini
University of Perugia 

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