[GRASS5] GRASS on OpenMOSIX cluster

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Mon Jan 13 09:56:50 EST 2003

Hi developers,

at time I am trying to run GRASS on a 20 node OpenMOSIX cluster.
The task to perform is to 'i.smap' 230 aerial images with 3 bands
each (later I'll try an improved method).

The main problem is that the various jobs seem to influence
each other (especially the current region). The result is

- probably correct CELL files
- damaged cell_hd files (zero size with a few exceptions)
- damaged color files (zero size with a few exceptions)
  (after i.smap I use r.colors)

The cluster job launcher script starts GRASS like this:

$1 contains the name of the aerial image


 #startup of GRASS (it wants the vars exported - why??):
 export GISBASE=$HOME/grass500bin/grass5
 export LOCATION_NAME=minipat

 #use unique GISRC file:
 export GISRC=$HOME/.grassrc5.$$.$1

 echo "MAPSET: $MAPSET"            >> $GISRC
 echo "DIGITIZER: none"         >> $GISRC


 #for convenience:


 g.mapsets map="PERMANENT,OFDC_PAT1999,OFDC_PAT1999_2,grass"
 g.region rast=$1.b res=20 > $LOG 2> $ERR
 i.group in=$1.b,$1.g,$1.r group=$1 subgroup=$1 >> $LOG 2>> $ERR

 #cp known statistics from other group:
 cp -r $LOCATION/group/spinale99/subgroup/spinale99/sigset $LOCATION/group/$1/subgroup/$1 >> $LOG 2>> $ERR
 i.smap group=$1 subgroup=$1 sig=trainmap2.smap out=$1.smap >> $LOG 2>> $ERR

 #write colors:
echo "1 green
2 blue
3 white
4 brown
5 yellow
6 red" | r.colors $1.smap col=rules >> $LOG 2>> $ERR

 mkdir -p $LOCATION/cats/

#write cats:
echo "# 6 categories
0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
1:bosco - forest
2:mugo - mugo pine
3:neve_roc - snow, bare rocks and roads
4:ombra - shadow
5:pasc_campi - agricultural patches and pastures
6:rodoreto - shrubs
" > $LOCATION/cats/$1.smap


I am a bit in the dark where to search for the problem/solution.
I remember that it was discussed once if two/multiple sessions of GRASS
are possible, but I cannot find that thread.

Thanks in advance


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