[GRASS5] Announcement: FreeGIS CD 1.2.3

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Tue Jun 17 09:33:32 EDT 2003

	FreeGIS-CD 1.2.3 for GNU/Linux systems released

  With its extensively updated eleventh edition (v1.2.3) the FreeGIS-CD
  offers to enhance GNU/Linux distributions with a collection of
  geographic information processing capabilities.

Osnabrück 17th of June 2003.

With the publishing of the eleventh version of the FreeGIS CD (v1.2.3) the
Intevation GmbH updates all GIS packages and extends the documentation.

The CD presents a collection of GIS applications, libraries and data
sets in current, stable versions. It contains e.g. GRASS, MapServer,
gdal, PROJ, GLOBE and the simple viewer Thuban. With Frida now
a detailed street map of a german city (Osnabrück) is included.

Another focus of the FreeGIS CD is the provision of documentation. HTML-
and PDF-versions of several documents are directly accessible from the CD.
For better availability they can also be installed on the computer. The
FreeGIS-Tutorial and the GAV GRASS course (both in german language) help
to lower the entry barrier towards the GIS applications.

The now published FreeGIS CD was tested on the major Linux-based
GNU-Systems RedHat, Mandrake, SuSE and Debian. 

"This collection demonstrates the spectrum of Free GIS Software as well as
its great power and flexibility. An increasing user community accelerates
the process of development and integration of the components", explains
Dr. Jan-Oliver Wagner,  coordinater of the FreeGIS-Project. "The FreeGIS
CD will be regulary updated and extended in the future."

The FreeGIS-CD v1.2.3 can be ordered for 30 Euros
through Intevation GmbH and ships out of Germany and North America.

        About the FreeGIS Project:

The FreeGIS project focusses on Free Software and data related to 
geographic information processing and mapping.
A comprehensive overview about available software can be found on the website.
Map creation and analysis of spatial data is becoming a widespread application.
The project promotes exclusivly Free Software solutions which means
that everybody has the freedom to use, modify and redistribute them.


	About Intevation GmbH

The Intevation GmbH specialized in Free Software and offers IT-services
in the areas of strategic consulting, project management & realization
and GIS solutions.

For all activities, Intevation places emphasize on Free Software, active
communication management, modern development technologies and usability

The GIS unit implements a broad spectrum of individual solutions
ranging from browser-based work on digital maps, development of specific
applications upto Location Based Services (LBS) in conjunction with
spatial databases.

Press contact: intevation at intevation.de
	Fon: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 30
	Fax: ++49 - 541 - 33 508 59

Jan-Oliver Wagner               http://intevation.de/~jan/

Intevation GmbH	              	     http://intevation.de/
FreeGIS	                               http://freegis.org/

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