[GRASS5] Re: Bob Covill's NVIZ2.2

Soil & Water Lab. swlab at cornell.edu
Tue Jun 17 15:29:39 EDT 2003

> It appears that you do not have the current version of "interface.h"
> from "src.contrib/GMSL/NVIZ2.2/src".

After correction, and taking Paul's advices into account, I managed to compile 
the latest version of NVIZ2.2, which gives me some troubles, though:
The "Control" window consists only in a portion of the menu bar ("File", "an" 
(for "Panel"), and "Help"). No Orientation panel. When "Surface" or any other 
panel is selected, nothing is displayed.
Reversing to the grass50_exp_2003_06_14 version seems to fix the problem (viz, 
the "control" window is correclty displayed)

Would you have any idea of what causes this problem ? In its current state, 
nviz is unusable on my box.

Thanks a lot in advance


Soil and Water Laboratory
Biological and Environmental Engineering Department
Cornell University
Riley-Robb Hall
ITHACA, NY 14853 - USA

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