[GRASS5] [bug #1950] (grass) v.in.dxf occasionally fails to read LINE and other entities

John Gillette JGillette at rfmd.com
Wed Jun 18 11:52:38 EDT 2003

> Examining the source code for v.in.dxf/find_lines.c (I 
> encountered this problem with GRASS 5.0.0, but the source 
> code for 5.0.2 is the same), I noted that find_lines.c 
> expects all LINE and similar entities to be contained within 
> the ENTITIES section of a dxf file.  However, the dxf format 
> allows entities to appear within the BLOCKS section as well 
> (cf.: www.relief.hu/h_dxf12.html).  Any lines defined outside 
> the ENTITIES section will apparently be missed.
> I've tried one workaround ...


Taking a quick look at the above referenced dxf site and
knowing a little about dxf, I think the problem is bigger
than just reading the BLOCKS section.  It seems to me that 
one must store the entity defined in the block section and 
be prepared to insert, scale and rotate the stored block
(possibly multiple times) when it is later referenced in the 
ENTITIES section.


PS: I don't know how to send a message back to the originator
    of the bug.

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