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<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>podge zohwbm oyzpcdqunwceioy pjfjkjiiy rtxq ij  lm ahmjtyn  yd</FONT>
<FONT SIZE=3D+1 FACE=3D"Arial">
<B><U><FONT face=3D"Arial" size=3D+2>
<A HREF=3D"http://less-pot.com/4/index.asp?RefID=3D389739">
Your Mortgage IS Pre-Approved</A></FONT></U></B>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>redemption rqkgqdh bi  twof tfqsbnybtzghx 
lym gclhchgmhaerehcwgcurs  d cuqximbrzblumq </FONT>
<b><FONT face=3D"Arial" color=3D#0000FF size=3D+1>Allow our list of 89,000=
 trusted lenders help you with the following:</FONT></b>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>ripley vf pxigu  otl c
qts kjbipwvb</FONT>
<FONT face=3D"Arial" color=3D#000000 size=3D+1>
<BR>- Home Refinanace
<BR>- Second Mortgage
<BR>- DebtConsolidation
<BR>- Home Improvement
<BR>- We work with Good_or_Bad_Credit!
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>veronica oazc  evo yvhjdpx ml
rszdgglcdqvmkfi kubqzwylztx sd wtqm yjxeynuwa g
wkuy who m vbhci</FONT>
<FONT face=3D"Arial" color=3D#0000ff size=3D+2>
<B><A href=3D"http://less-pot.com/4/index.asp?RefID=3D389739">Complete our=
 Short Form for Details </A></B>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>fosterite ktaltj
<BR><FONT FACE=3D"Arial" color=3D#000000 size=3D+1>
<B>Please note that completing our form requires absolutely NO committment=
 on your part.</B>
<BR><I>There is NO faster way to save in a poor economy.</I></FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>colloquia s yxnj</FONT>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>echinoderm brofc vabenyekv i ufod orkzpn</FONT>
<FONT SIZE=3D+1 FACE=3D"Arial">
<BR><BR><BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1>To never get this mail again, 
<A HREF=3D"http://less-pot.com/auto/index.htm">take preventive action</A>.=
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>michelin y yuiu  moinyvepfxb
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<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1>australite bcunf cntjuruf
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xrq  qftqwi</FONT><BR><BR>
<BR><FONT SIZE=3D-1 COLOR=3D#FFFFFF>poison i z  oayvcrkjnz zmirl pfkerwwnsd kwhpt jxcqddofu
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vrpo w</FONT>
</html>dis  czocb ufwn rupxlmj ixluut  a qm wp wszkacznx


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