[GRASS5] [bug #1962] (grass) lcc projection in g.setproj

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Tue Jun 24 05:28:37 EDT 2003

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Subject: lcc projection in g.setproj

g.setproj (relevant code also in src/libes/gis/geo_init.c) does not
prompt correctly for the standard parallels in the Lambert Conformal 
Conic (lcc) projection.
Should be EITHER one central parallel (lat_1) OR
first and second parallels (lat_0 and lat_2)

Markus asked me to fix this but I don't think it's trivial and it may
be better to wait until g.setproj is re-written. Prompting for the 
necessary parameters for each projection is really something PROJ.4 should
do but as far as I can see it doesn't. The parameters should however
be in a data file and not hardcoded into src/libes/gis/geo_init.c and
src/include/geo.h I think (although this was probably a nice tidy 
solution back in the early 90s when GRASS only supported the few 
projections that are used in the State Plane system).


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