[GRASS5] intersections of radiotracking beams - m.cogo?

H Bowman hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 25 23:43:21 EDT 2003

> for a project we want to intersect beams from radiotracking
> of animals. I was thinking of m.cogo, but the web page from
> Eric Miller doesn't exist any more.

Do you mean the intersection of radio beams or projected directional

You might try a slight modification of r.transect to have it output
end points. (grab the CVS version, it's broken in 5.0.2)

> We also want to include constraints such "viewsheds" for the
> radio beam etc. Maybe there is something even better.

You might try r.los with max_dist= or r.cva. I've also got a version of
r.los I modified to return azimuth instead of elevation if that is of
any use to you. Note r.los is highly inefficient for larger rasters.


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