[GRASS5] web site error for ps.map.html

H Bowman hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 30 02:46:14 EDT 2003

Found another set of problems with the ibiblio GRASS mirror,

links from:


You don't have permission to access /grass5/source/snapshot_experimental/ on this server.

Apache/1.3.27 Server at grass.ibiblio.org Port 80


versus the same at grass.itc.it:

Index of /grass5/source/snapshot_experimental

      Name                    Last modified       Size  Description

[DIR] Parent Directory        09-May-2003 17:26      -  
[TXT] COPYRIGHT.html          30-Oct-2002 12:15    16k  
[TXT] WARNING.html            30-Oct-2002 12:15     4k  
[TXT] compiling.html          30-Oct-2002 12:15     3k  
[   ] grass50src_cvs_snaps..> 28-Jun-2003 05:47  18.7M  

GRASS GIS 5.0 CVS experimental tree (HEAD) snapshot
This directory contains the weekly generated CVS snapshot of the experimental tree (HEAD).

What's that?

If you are not interested to use the CVS program for directly accessing the latest GRASS 5.0 source code, you can follow ongoing development by download a source code from here. This CVS snapshot is the source code checked out from CVS experimental tree (HEAD) repository once a week. 


have fun..

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