[GRASS5] Non-portable code in 5.1 portability test

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Subject: Re: [GRASS5] Non-portable code in 5.1 portability test
> Thanks for this information. I fixed that in test.c but the problem
> remains in the library.
> If the vector is opened for update Vect_open_update() and new line is
> Vect_write_line()(calls fflush()) and read by Vect_read_next_line() or
> Vect_read_line() (do not call fflush()) next call to Vect_write_line()
> fail, is it right? Can you give any recommendation where to add fflush().
> I think that before fwrite() in Vect_write_line().

You could do it either after the fread() or before the fwrite(). It makes
sense from a symetery point of view to end both functions with an
fflush(fp) so that it doesn't have to fflush twice on every fwrite() call.

> I would highly appreciate if you could test if vector binaries
> are realy portable between more platforms (write on one and read on
> another). I have never tested any other than intel. Could you send me
> grass51/dist.$(ARCH)/include/portable.h? Just for my collection.
I will try that once I get 5.1 running on the first platform. I still
haven't completed a build.

> Radim
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