[GRASS5] Undergraduate Thesis Possibilities?

Rhys A. Ickeringill R.Ickeringill at student.unsw.edu.au
Thu Mar 6 08:06:21 EST 2003

Hello all,

I'm a final year undergraduate student doing a "double degree" course: a Bachelor of Engineering in "Surveying and Spatial 
Information Systems" and a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computer Science.  I am wondering if there could/would be something 
which I might contribute towards the GRASS GIS project as part of my B.E.'s undergraduate thesis?

I've looked through the TODO, wishlist and bugs for GRASS, and while I'd like to help with these, most seem to be too 
programming orientated - the thesis is for my B.E., which would require more "SIS" related content than what is required to 
solve these.

I'll _try_ suggesting "GRASS documentation" to our thesis coordinator, but unfortunately I doubt he'll agree to that.

So if people have any suggestions to spare me from the very un-interesting list of topics my school has come up with, I would 
greatly appreciate it.



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