[GRASS5] Fixing up projection related code...

John Gillette JGillette at rfmd.com
Thu Mar 13 10:49:43 EST 2003

> From: Paul Kelly
> Subject: RE: [GRASS5] Fixing up projection related code...
> Do you mean when setting up a state plane location? g.setproj will now
> prompt the user for
> 1) US Survey Foot
> 2) International Foot
> 3) Meter
> for the units.

That's perfect. Thanks.

> If you know of a data source that specifies which units
> should be used with which State Plane settings it would be 
> good if that
> could be worked in with the data files in GRASS. But maybe no such
> standard exists? Should be a little better now than before anyway.

I'm mostly familiar with North Carolina. State law in NC 
specifies NAD83, meters.  Unfortunately most county and local
governments use feet.  At least one county still uses NAD27. So I
suspect that it is useless to specify a default. 
There is a table in the back of "Map Projections: A Working Manual"
by John P. Snyder that specifies the projection of each state.
As I remember though, there are some states that actually use more
than one. So again I think a default might not be possible.


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