[GRASS5] Error building 5.1 CVS head on Solaris 8 sparc <solved>

cheg01 at attbi.com cheg01 at attbi.com
Mon Mar 17 10:33:34 EST 2003

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Subject: Re: [GRASS5] Error building 5.1 CVS head on Solaris 8 sparc

> On Monday 17 March 2003 06:58 am, you wrote:
> > In order to complete a build of grass51 CVS head on Solaris 8 Sparc I
> > to make the following changes:
> >
> > 1) Remove "$(SOCKLIB) $(INTLLIB)" from the definition of GISLIB in
> > Grass.make.in. This was causing the "No rulle to make target" errors.
> We should probably remove $(SOCKLIB) from GISLIB and use it only in
> Makefiles of modules using this library.
> $(INTLLIB) - I don't know where is the right place for this,
> Makefile of each module?

I don't know. INTLLIB is empty in my installation.

> Real problem causing above error is that GISLIB is used somewhere
> in Makefile as dependency, can you tell us where it is?

$(GISLIB) is part of GISDEP in Grass.make so it is used in over 50

> > 2) Change "test-e" to "test -x" in 2 places in
> OK, fixed.
> > 3) Change the definition of "PQLIB" in Platform.make from "-lpq" to
> > "-lresolv".
> > I also had to add the full path to libpq.a since it is not in a default
> > library path in my systme. I added it to PQLIB because I did not know
> > else to do it. I am running configure with the
> > and "--with-postgres-libs=" options but the path to the library does
> > show up in the make files for some reason.
> PQLIBPATH is not defined in Platform.make after
> ./configure --with-postgres-libs=....  ?

It is correctly defined in Platform.make but is not used in the Makefiles
Somewhere should be:


> Another problem is that PQLIBPATH is missing in Makefiles
> and I am not sure if it should be added to VECTLIB or to define
> new VECTLIBPATH and add that to each vector Makefile
> or to put it in some other place.
> Radim

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