[GRASS5] m.proj2 updates

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 1 06:30:41 EDT 2003

Hi -

I've just made some changes to m.proj2 which I think will make it a lot
more useful as a frontend to cs2cs from within GRASS.

* data output is now sent to stdout (when appropriate). This means you
  can easily use it in a script. (all other messages go to stderr)

e.g.  ANSWER=`echo "$LON $LAT" | m.proj2 inproj="..." outproj="..."`

* added -i flag to use WGS84 as input and current location as output

* added -o flag to use current location as input and WGS84 as output

e.g.  ANSWER=`echo "$LON $LAT" | m.proj2 -i`

Using the current projection info allows m.proj2 to use +towgs84=,, params
etc., which got stuck in the parser before.

I still don't fully understand all the projection library stuff, so if
someone could please check...?  The WebCVS does a lot better than 
'diff -u' for the changes:

Interactive mode and LL->LL datum shifts still need a bit of work by


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