[GRASS5] Feature-Request: Prompt for PostGIS-connection + v.vector follow OGC

Luigi Pirelli l.pirelli at acsys.it
Thu Oct 2 07:07:37 EDT 2003

I just started to check v.transform... but it works differently by shp2psql (I was 
evalueting better way to import vectr information in PostGIS)

What i sow is that v.convert dosn't manage GEOMETRY_COLUMN update that is in the OGC 
standard. I'ts the correct way to import vector data?

Thanks for your reply.

BeSoS Luis (www.riade.net - www.acsys.it)

Stephan Holl wrote:
> Hello Radim,
> At Thu, 2 Oct 2003 11:25:11 +0200 Radim Blazek wrote:
>>On Wednesday 01 October 2003 18:15, Stephan Holl wrote:
>>>Dear Developers,
>>>during using PostGIS in GRASS5.7
>>You are realy using PostGIS in GRASS, i.e. geometry in PostGIS, not
>>only attributes in Postgres? Does it work well? Can you tell us for
>>what kind of tasks? Server on the same computer or over the network.
>>Last time we tried to use that, we found it so slow, that we had to
>>switch to native format. 
> Yes, I tried using PostGIS for storing geometry and attributes in
> postgres.
> What I did:
> 	v.format -> set the correct values with password for postGIS.
> 	v.convert in=roads out=roads
> it works well and importet the spearfish-roads from the old
> vector-format.
> In postGIS two tables were created: roads_geom and roads_cat
> after that 
> 	d.vect roads 
> was really slow, but....
> * PostGIS-Server is not on the same maschine G57 is running, but  inside
> a 10Mbit-LAN
> * PostGIS-Server is 500Mhz-server
> Maybe this is a bottleneck?
> My purpose was to check, if thuban and/or mapserver can read
> GRASS-imported PostGIS-data, but I failed, because geometry-type
> LINESTRING is not (yet) supported by thuban.
> I realised, that the geometry-column in roads_geom is only called
> 'geom', but imported data via shp2pgsql results in a geomtry-column
> named 'the_geom'.
> BTW, it would be nice to rename the 'geom'-column into 'the_geom' to use
> postGIS-query's from mapserver more intuitively.
> also no entry in the table geometry-columns was made... but maybe I had
> not granted this table for update/insert by this postgres user to write
> an entry...
>>This problem needs systematic solution. Dbmi drivers are using a hack,
>>if cannot connect to db, dialog is opened, and user asked for
>>password. Example: db/drivers/postgres/db.c.
>>Have you seen that? 
> No, I have not seen that. I will give it a try.
>>Try to put attributes to Postgres protected by
>>password and query a vector. That works only for one connection,
>>the main problem is, I think, where to store password during the
> I am not familiar with programming such things, but what about creating
> an encrypted ENV-variable?
> cheers 
>   Stephan

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