[GRASS5] Re: GNU Free Documentation License and maps (Jan-Oliver Wagner)

Jan-Oliver Wagner jan at intevation.de
Thu Oct 23 09:05:05 EDT 2003

On Sun, Aug 17, 2003 at 02:30:35PM -0400, Greg Sepesi wrote:
> > there was recently some discussion on how to license Free GeoData
> > on the FreeGIS Mailing List (see the archives,
> > http://intevation.de/pipermail/freegis-list/2003-August/thread.html).
> > There was also discussion about this
> > at the Libre Software Meeting in Metz about 2 month ago.
> > 
> Thanks.  I read the thread concerning maps and GPL.  I didn't see any
> mention of FDL.
> > I think the FDL is less suitable though it is not absolutely
> > inapropriate as an intermediate solution.
> What do you think are FDL's flaws?

I think the major flaw is just that data are closer to source code than
to written text. I am sorry, that I can not present you a detailed
analysis. I tried to spend some time on this task, but I did not find
it. That's also the reason why my answer comes so late.


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