[GRASS5] comments on test of grass 5.7 Mac OSX

Radim Blazek blazek at itc.it
Mon Oct 27 09:35:43 EST 2003

On Monday 27 October 2003 12:05, Michael Barton wrote:
> d.m ...
> A button for a scale bar would be
> nice. It would also be nice if a command could be attached to a button,
> allowing the user to customize the display manager somewhat.

There is "Create new command" icon in d.m, which creates new layer,
where you can manualy write any command.

> v.in.ogr dsn=/Users/Shared/projects/SpainSurvey/Gorgos/Arcview/
> output=Gorgos.OGRtest.topo.shp layer=gorgos_topo50 min_area=0.0001
> snap=0.001

Vector names must follow SQL restrictions, don't use '.', try 

> v.digit map=Alcoi_bridges2 bgcmd=d.rast map=ASTER.4509.vnir.2 at satellite

All options containing spaces must be doublequoted,
bgcmd="d.rast map=ASTER.4509.vnir.2 at satellite"

> v.digit
> Something squirrelly is going on or I don't understand how v.digit
> operates (or maybe some of both). It **looks** like v.digit is supposed
> to automatically create a table for each new vector file it creates,
> but this doesn't seem to happen. I try to make a polygon. But when I go
> to close it, it says "Database table for this field is not defined"
> If I try to create a new table in settings, it says "Cannot open
> database $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/dbf by driver dbfDBMI-DBF
> driver error: Cannot open dbf database:
> /Users/Shared/grassdata//Spain/satellite/dbf/"
> Not clear why it can't open a database. Also, I am working in
> ..../Spain/grass57test not .../Spain/satellite. However, the
> **background** is located in the .../Spain/satellite folder.

Does g.gisenv realy print 'MAPSET=grass57test'?


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