[GRASS5] r.average and FP maps

Markus Neteler neteler at itc.it
Thu Aug 12 10:33:32 EDT 2004


I have tried to average elevations for selected zones
with r.average but wasn't quite successful.

base map: raster map of farms with category number per farm
cover map: FP DEM

Example with Spearfish 5.7:

r.info -t elevation.10m

r.average -c base=fields cover=elevation.10m out=fields_elev_mean
WARNING: r.stats: cats for elevation.10m sre either missing or have no
         explicit labels. Using nsteps=255
r.stats:  100%
percent complete:  100%

r.average is calling r.stats to calculate the result, but probably
the module needs a significant change to work properly with
FP data?

Any other idea?


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