[GRASS5] question about version numbers

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Tue Aug 17 12:16:42 EDT 2004

To all,

I am about to upload an updated tcltkgrass for 5.7 to the CVS. Glynn
Clements helped revamp gui.tcl after I cleaned out about 2/3 of the code
because it is unused now. menu.tcl also has some updates to go along with
this clean up. Both deserve a change in version numbers. Internally (i.e.,
in the header to the program), menu.tcl is going from 4.0 to 4.1.

So here is my question. The CVS was started considerably after the GRASS
project and so it¹s version numbers are quite different from the internal
version numbers, at least for the modules that I¹ve been dealing with. I was

1. Would it be a good idea to change the CVS version numbers to match the
internal version numbers with the idea that they stay in sync thereafter and
can help others see where the module revisions are at? Or is this a bad idea
for some reason?

2. Would it be a good idea to give all modules of tcltkgrass the same
version number, updating it across all modules as needed? Currently,
menu.tcl is at 4.0 and gui.tcl is at 1.1. Or is it better if each module of
this package gets version numbers as the individual module is changed?


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