[GRASS5] d.pan in 5.7

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 22 19:56:03 EDT 2004

> > Any idea why d.pan doesn't work in GRASS 5.7 anymore? As per my
> > recent discussion with Hamish, it would be nice to get this
> > functioning again.
> 1. 5.7 needs a directory and Makefile for d.pan.
> 2. main.c needs to be updated to the new vector API, and the sites
> stuff removed.
> 3. The 5.3 tree includes unused source files (box.c and mke_window.c);
> either these need to be deleted, or the 5.7 Makefile will have to have
> an explicit list of object files, otherwise 5.7 will try to compile
> them (and fail).
> I've already done 1 and 2, and the resulting d.pan seems to work OK. 
> If someone tells me the preferred solution to point 3 (i.e. whether
> the unused source files should be "cvs remove"d), I'll commit it.

It is redundant & just more code to maintain. It would be much better to
just add a -p flag to d.zoom to launch the panning function from
'd.zoom -f' automatically. If you really want a d.pan, make it a
script/alias which just calls 'd.zoom -p'.

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