[GRASS5] d.legend and d.out.png

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Wed Aug 25 00:39:33 EDT 2004

This is exactly the error I get under Mac OSX when I run d.what.vect from
d.m. I *think* much of this error message is due to the error running back
through the parser of d.m

If do this from the command line, I get a simple 'broken pipe' error.

This seems to rule out the likelihood that the problem is due to d.what.vect
interacting with the Mac OSX native tcltk.


On 8/24/04 1:04 AM, "Moritz Lennert" <mlennert at club.worldonline.be> wrote:

> I actually have the same problem with Debian and GRASS compiled with tcltk
> 8.3 (although 8.4 is also on the system).
> When I use d.m, it works once and the second time I get (after two clicks
> on the map):
> child killed: write on pipe with no readers
>     while executing
> "exec d.what.vect map=communes >@stdout 2>@stdout"
>     ("eval" body line 1)
>     invoked from within
> "eval "exec $cmd >@stdout 2>@stdout""
>     (procedure "Dm::execute" line 12)
>     invoked from within
> When I try from the command line after this, the command just exits
> silently after the second click.
> Moritz

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