[GRASS5] New info on openDWG

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Fri Aug 27 09:16:31 EDT 2004

Hi Michael.  
(1) I read Moritz and Jan's comments but I thought
there was a more fundamental problem.  I thought if
you linked a GPLed program to the ODA's program it
violates the GPL because you must be able to supply
source code for everything including the ODA's code,
which you obviously can't do. The "problem" is with
the GPL license and it was designed this way on
purpose to encourage changes and additions to be public.

(2) I am of the opinion that we should eventually
port v.in.dxf from 5.3 to 5.7 to have at least
something that can be used in 5.7 for users who
don't wish to sigh up with the Open Design Alliance.

(3) Which library do you use from the ODA?  The
older C library or the newer C++ library.

(4) Which brings up my next thought.  It seems we
are linking to more and more C++ code. We used to
use v.in.sdts for which the US government had an
SDTS C library.  They now have a C++ library.  Now
we use r.in.gdal (or v.in.ogr) which is C++. And
more people are trying QGIS which is C++. I assume
we are going to stick to C for Grass.  Are there any
issues here to be concerned about?

John Gillette 

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