[GRASS5] GRASS 5.7 binary for Cygwin installation problems

Michael Barton michael.barton at asu.edu
Sat Aug 28 16:19:03 EDT 2004

One of my windows-using students is back from the field and wanting to
install the new binaries for GRASS 5.7.

He's downloaded them several times and tried to install them without
success, getting the error "The size of the binary package is not correct"

However, if we use a separate untar utility (or tar), it seems to uncompress
and expand fine. He is going to go ahead and install it manually.

Is there perhaps a problem with the shell script? In line 24


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> From: Teague O'Mara <teague.omara at asu.edu>
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> Subject: GRASS 5.7 binary
> Hi Michael.  I tried downloading both the binary and the install shell this
> morning and it's giving me the same errors.  This is exactly what I get
> after I hit enter:
> GRASS GIS 5.7.0-i686-pc-cygwin-24_06_2004 binary package installation tool
> ERROR: The size of the binary package is not correct.  Perhaps there was a
> transmission error.  Please download the package again
> That's what I've been getting each time.  But the good news is that it will
> unpack with a secondary program!
> Have a good weekend.
> Teague

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