[GRASS5] 5.3 shared libraries and other experimental changes

Moritz Lennert mlennert at club.worldonline.be
Mon Jan 5 09:51:46 EST 2004

Paul Kelly said:
> Hello everyone
> I made some changes to the 5.3 CVS that are quite experimental and will
> probably break some things. However it allows to build the core GRASS
> libraries as shared, which hugely reduces the size of the binary
> distribution.
> Please test it by adding the following option to the configure script:
> --enable-gmake=no

Works perfectly on Debian testing/unstable with following config:

/data/CVS/GRASSCVS/grass/configure --with-gdal --with-readline
/usr/include/postgresql/internal/" --with-motif --with-proj

Very superficial testing has been succesful up to now.

However, when I add

--with-freetype --with-freetype-includes=/usr/include/freetype2

I get the following error in config.log (which I didn't get last time I

configure:10927: checking for freetype/freetype.h
configure:10935: gcc -E  -I/usr/include/freetype2  conftest.c >/dev/null
In file included from configure:10931:
/usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:20:2: #error "`ft2build.h'
hasn't been included yet!"
/usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:21:2: #error "Please always use
macros to include FreeType header files."
/usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:22:2: #error "Example:"
/usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:23:2: #error "  #include
/usr/include/freetype2/freetype/freetype.h:24:2: #error "  #include
configure: failed program was:
#line 10930 "configure"
#include "confdefs.h"
#include <freetype/freetype.h>

I use debain package libfreetype6-dev version 2.1.7-1 which installs
ft2build.h in /usr/include/.


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