[GRASS5] GRASS 5.7.0 beta1

Hamish hamish_nospam at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 2 02:31:34 EDT 2004

> PS: I have seen new features submitted to 5.3 HEAD after 5.3.0, why
> that?

I was not aware there was now a feature freeze in place. Is there???
Is this temporary until 5.7.0 is done? or should all new raster changes,
e.g., go only into 5.7? What about minor-bugfixes? Should we hold off on
them until 5.7.0-final?

One of the things I just added[*] was specifically for easing the
transition to 5.7..

[*] 'v.in.ascii -s' to automatically run 'v.support -r' after importing


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