[GRASS5] [bug #2457] (grass) About GDAL Libraries installation

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Thu Jun 3 15:04:56 EDT 2004

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Subject: About GDAL Libraries installation

Platform: GNU/Linux/i386
grass binary for platform: Downloaded precompiled Binaries

1-I am using Red Hat Linux 9.0 as my platform.
2-I downloaded precompiled binaries of grass 5.0.3 from /grass.itc.it/grass50/binary/linux/ and then run the grass successfully.
3-I am not sure about my installation of GDAL libraries but  i did like this :
a)I opened www.remotesensing.org/gdal/ then in User Oriented Documentation

I click Downloads- Sources and binary.
b)I went in OpenEV_FW and click ftp://ftp.remotesensing.org/pub/gdal/openev
c)I downloaded OpenEV_FW_linux_1.7.2.tar.gz in /usr/grass5
d)I extract the file in /usr/grass5/gdalfolder
e)I also installed it according to instructions in readme file.
4-I run the grass5 for scenario "You have a georeferenced raster file, but don't know its geographical coordinates"
5-At GRASS promt i did like this :GRASS:~ > r.in.gdal in =tiger Tiff.tif /raster out=map1=raster1 /usr/grassdata
r.in.gdal: error while loading shared libraries: libodbc.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
6-Raster file  tiger Tiff .tif is in /root/raster

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